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“There is nothing better than having colleagues who share your passion for teaching and for kids. Because then your network is just one big extended family that learns from, and supports, each other.”

Inspired to teach? If you have a flair for the language and want to make a difference, talk to us.

Welcome to Shine Language

Learn, Love and Excel in English
We are a network of dedicated home-based teachers who share a deep love for the English language and a common conviction in imparting this love of the language to our students. We believe that the English language opens the door to all the knowledge of the world and that it is best learnt through engagement, encouragement and empowerment.

With years of relevant teaching experience, our qualified teachers believe in the power of motivating our learners to excel through reading, listening, questioning and thinking out of the box. Our curriculum is kept current and regularly reviewed to ensure relevance, quality and alignment with the MOE English syllabus.

Our passionate teachers are constantly striving to keep abreast of the demands and changes of the academic curriculum. Classes are kept to small groups and based on a hybrid learning formula of in-person and online classes with an eye to the education of the future.  We understand the importance of moving ahead with today’s technology which can be comprehensively used to achieve maximum integral learning through adopting proven industry practices to ensure safety and efficiency in the IT platform at all times.

At the heart of it all, we are dedicated to bringing each and every learner to his or her fullest potential at the various stages of their learning in terms of both the oral and written aspects of the language.

At Shine, we don’t just believe that literacy and proficiency in English are important tools in a child’s acquisition of the language – we know it.

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We are committed to nurturing your kids to excel in English.

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