Our Programmes

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What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.
– George Bernard Shaw

Pre-School Programme

Start Your Child On The Literacy Journey

What better time than early childhood to start your child on the literacy journey? It is, after all, the ‘wonder years’ and a perfect time to hone a child’s cognitive ability and motor skills. We cannot begin to emphasise the importance that reading plays in a young child’s life.

In that same grain, we understand that the development of oral language skills in the pre-school years is crucial to a child’s reading achievement and school success. For this reason, our pre-school programme aims to provide a seamless merger of oral language and early literacy.

The five pillars of focus in harnessing literacy are embedded in the areas of semantics (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), morphology, phonology and the pragmatics of the language. Learning to read and write should begin long before a child enters school.

Our teachers work closely with our children’s parents in providing a literacy-rich environment for each child to learn through our safe purposeful, strategic and multi-sensory activities, reading and creative thinking.

Our comprehensive pre-school programme is based on a progressive hybrid blended-learning formula that not only bridges the learning gap but also provides our young learners with the confidence and tools needed to prepare them for entry into primary school and beyond.


A child’s learning is enhanced when there is positive communication between parents and teachers. We believe that this strong parent-child-teacher tripartite relationship is pivotal in paving the way for the child to achieve his or her full potential.

"Always do your best.  What you plant now, you will harvest later." - Og Mandino

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”
– Og Mandino

Primary School Programme

Become Confident Lifelong Readers And Learners.

Our primary school programme is aligned with the new English syllabus (2020) that prepares students from Primary One through to Primary Six, and is based on the current PSLE format. Classes are conducted in small groups via a hybrid blended learning formula of in-person and online classes which actively involve our students experientially in the academic learning process, and in tandem with the education of the future.

Our young learners are taught to listen, read and view critically as well as to interpret informational and functional texts with accuracy and a clear understanding of purpose. They are also taught to speak and write with clarity, grammatical accuracy and fluency for different contexts, audiences, cultures and purposes.  Reading remains an important and integral part of learning the language and it is pivotal to the learner’s acquisition of a wide range of powerful vocabulary.  As such, we are committed to instil a love for reading in our young learners through role-modelling the reading habit, book and newspaper discussions and exposing them to a wide genre of literary texts, as well as press coverage of current affairs and events.

Students are also taught how to stay within the rubric of examination requirements when handling situational writing as well as graphic stimuli writing by using component skills and integrating them through regular practice.  We firmly believe that children learn best when they enjoy what they are learning.  To achieve this, our pedagogical approach to mastering the English language includes making the learning journey an interesting, purposeful and holistic one in a nurturing environment.

This, coupled with imbibing metacognitive skills and correct learning attitudes, has proven to be effective for our learners. The good results and learning outcomes achieved by our students at the milestone PSLE examinations speak for themselves.

Education and mastery of the English language does not end at the PSLE examinations.  After graduating the primary level with us, our Shine students go on to become confident lifelong readers and lifelong learners, wherever their calling.