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  • Small group learning
  • Comprehensive curriculum in
    alignment with MOE syllabus
  • Qualified and dedicated team of teachers

Mission Statement

We Care About Kids

We are committed to offering a fully integrated curriculum through our holistic and value-added language enrichment programme where our students are given every opportunity to demonstrate creativity, challenge their own capabilities and become confident writers and users of the English Language.

We recognise that each child is a unique individual and that all children are capable of achieving success in literacy.   We believe that the acquisition of appropriate core competencies in the usage of the language takes fruition within a nurturing, stimulating and conducive learning environment.  After all, the most important elements of this learning environment is the teacher and her brood of learners.  In the age of unexpected challenges, there is also an unprecedented leverage of technology, resulting in the same fertile ground in which new minds take root.

To this end, we aim to create a climate that encourages students not only to maximise learning and achieve academic excellence but also to enjoy the learning journey in their quest to excel in the mastery of the language – be it in-person (in small groups) or online.

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Our programmes are made up of 3 dedicated segments.


Nursery 2 – K2

Lower Primary

Primary 1 – Primary 3

Upper Primary

Primary 4 – Primary 6